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The Financial Advisor and Insurance Agent's Guide to:

The Only Fact-finding Conversation You'll Ever Need

10,000 People a Day are Turning 65 over the next 10 Years*
Most of them Have NO Idea what to do about it.
Equip Yourself to Help Them.


THURSday, December 16th, 2021 @ 7:00Pm est

By Incorporating This 1 Technique in Your Fact Finder
You Will:

  • Identify some of your client's biggest concerns

  • Quickly Build Rapport and Trust with minimal prior knowledge 

  • Learn some of your client's biggest dreams

  • ​Simplify a mix of Complex Financial Strategies 

  • Tee up every product at your disposal without being pushy 

Your Clients Will:​​

  • Consider you their Go-To finanical or insurance Expert

  • Understand the need to work with a professional like you

  • Want to give you the information you ask for to help them

  • Want to schedule your next available appointment 

  • Spend whatever it takes to get their finances in order

Whether you've been in the industry for years or you're just starting out, this 

this FREE Advisor and Consultant workshop is for you.

Sign Up below and you will be sent the private link to our exclusive free webinar.

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This FREE Educational Workshop is for you if
You Want to:

  • Strengthen client relationships faster

  • Increase sales of any financial product or service you offer

  • Take your practice to the next level and lead others to do the same

Once you signup you will receive an email with an exclusive zoom event link with all the information.


Event is NOT Intended for Consumers Seeking FInancial Products, Services, or Advice

Disclaimer: This presentation is intended to assist financial advisors, insurance agents, and planning professionals who serve the general public. Rob Taclan will not be soliciting any financial products or services. None of the information shared is intended to be taken as financial advice. All information shared is general in nature and is not to be used or misconstrued as advice in any way. Each person's personal financial situation is unique and should be reviewed by a licensed financial or insurance professional. Any mention of financial services or insurance products are for demonstration puproses only. This presentation is intended to promote 1:1 coaching services provided by Inner Compass Consulting. Reproduction, recording, or copying of the materials in this presentation is unauthorized unless express permission is given by Rob Taclan. 

*Source: Pew Research Center "Baby Boomers Approach 65..."

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