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The Company exists to lead and inspire transformational change in the lives of entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and business owners everywhere so they can enjoy financial freedom, time abundance, and a sense of fulfillment in all that they do. 

HOW WE execUtE

Our Coaching and Consulting Process is based on the command philosophy Rob used with his Soldiers:

- Education - We seek to educate ourselves on your business plans and goals. You'll learn the metrics that will lead to the results you want.

- Efficiency -  We value time as a gift given daily and will not waste it. You'll learn how to optimize your processes and delegate so you can be more efficient with your time.

- Empathy - We take the time necessary to get a clear picture of where you've come from and where you want to go. You'll learn ways to adapt to your target audience so they can feel your passion for serving them.

- Effective Communication - We identify the best way to interact with you so our advice is clearly understood. You'll learn how to adapt your mode of communication to connect with the people you want to serve on a deeper level

- Goal Development and Accountability - We will identify your goals, help you articulate them and create a timeline with action steps. You will be held accountable to the SMART Goals we set to greatly increase the probability of your success

About Rob Taclan

13 years of


We have what you need to create the business you were destined to run.

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Rob combines military leadership experience, long-range financial planning, and business consulting with his coaching style to deliver a unique program designed to produce an evergreen business in 12 months or less. 

  • Solving Grown-Up Problems since 2001

  • 13 years Military Officer Experience

    • 2 Deployments, over 200 Convoy missions, managed over 300 Soldiers over career)

  • Currently a Company Commander of a Leadership Training and Assessment Unit

  • Financial Planning and Insurance Planning Background for individuals and businesses

  • Business to Business Sales and Consulting

  • Greatest Accomplishment: Becoming a Dad

  • Hobbies: Playing with Kids, hanging out with wife Michelle, and Volunteering at church

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